Welcome to Checkpoint, the place you can catch up with all things gaming, comics and film.

I remember the sense of relief and satisfaction when in a game you finally hit that Checkpoint you have been striving for. Be it the next bonfire in a Dark Soul’s game, a save point in Resident Evil or simply the words ‘auto-saving checkpoint‘, you know that you have some breathing space, even for a minute.

Over the past year or so, it has become more apparent that these ‘Checkpoints’ are as important in real life as they are in the games. In the games, it allows you to take stock, take a break and prepare for what is ahead (normally a challenge) but this shouldn’t only apply in game. Why not set yourself Checkpoints in real life? Moments to aim for so when you get there you have that feeling of relief and achievement? Time to take a break and reflect on what has transpired but also what is to come?

For me, now more than ever, that is what I need and has been what helps. While historically I have had aims and dreams that have been reminiscent of endgame content, I have neglected to consider or plan the path and Checkpoints I have to achieve on that journey.

The path that has led to this change in direction for the site will become evident over time, needless to say it has be filled with challenge, anxiety and change and it has highlighted my need for this virtual Checkpoint to exist. But it’s existence isn’t solely for me but for everyone who passes through. Some may offer help and some may take from my experiences, but either way I want this to be the point where people can believe they can take that minute to reflect before pushing forward again.

I will still talk about gaming and films as they are integral to my life, however I will look at personal things too, to do with Mental Health and Personal Wellbeing. And I won’t be talking about this as an expert, only as I go through it.

So welcome to your Checkpoint, take some time and lets chat!