Welcome to Checkpoint, the place you can catch up with all things gaming, comics and film.

Remember the sense of relief and satisfaction in a game when you finally hit that Checkpoint you have been striving for? Be it the next bonfire in a Dark Soul’s game, a save point in Resident Evil or simply the words ‘auto-saving checkpoint‘; you know that you have some breathing space, even for a minute.

For me, I have found that Checkpoints are as true in real life as they are in games. They allow for a time to calm down, reflect upon what got you to this point and prepare for what is ahead. This blog will partly be my reflection upon things that are going on as well as my preparation and planning for what is ahead. It is a place I will discuss my passions, video games, Pop Culture and films among other things but also an area to consider the impact of day to day life.

You have found my Checkpoint, but these things can be hugely personal to everyone. So I invite you to look around and see if what you think and maybe you’ll figure out your own Checkpoints too.

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