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Welcome to The Blog

Introducing what you came here for… the Checkpoint Blog. I aim to post on a regular basis and the topics will vary from video games and films to SEO tricks and personal reflections.

If you have anything you would like to see me write about, you can get in touch below and also find some of my non-video game/geeky posts and arguably the more professional stuff there!

Checking in with Checkpoint

Checkpoint is still alive! It has been a while so apologies for that but I have found some time courtesy of the Bank Holiday and I am back and hoping to begin posting again. Its been a whirlwind few months and I will be honest it has simultaneously felt longer than two months since I last posted and also like I only posted last week. I wanted to give you a quick ‘check in’ to make sure you all know that Checkpoint is very much alive and that, although delayed, my plans are still very much on the table. In…

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Wandavision – Ep 6 & 7 (mainly 7)

I didn’t make my blog last week about Episode 6 despite it being a big episode but after watching Episode 7 I can’t not write this week because it’s really stepping up, especially with only two more episodes to go! I will touch upon aspects of episode 6 but will mainly focus on 7 in this blog because frankly some of the reveals frame a lot of what happened in the previous episode and the discussion flows across both. As always, there are of course big spoilers etc etc ahead so come back when you have watched it. It’s okay,…

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