The Quarter life crisis has arrived…

Technically its not the quarter life crisis as I turned 26 in June but its definitely taken a year to set in! 

This may seem like a strange blog to (re)start on but for anyone reading this, this is the driving force behind why I’m doing this and why it may or may not succeed. 

To begin with, I love gaming. I love comics. I love Superheroes. This will become plainly obvious as I keep posting my blogs. I also love beer, however that is the industry and that, unfortunately, is taking its toll. I spend a lot of my days doing a job that I am struggling to stay motivated in and the opportunities are fluttering away. Despite it being in beer, I am no longer passionate about what I do. I want to enjoy what I do and as I say, I love gaming, I love comics and I love Superheroes… so I am going to attempt to convey my passion on the World Wide Web for anyone who cares!

Its a difficult one as the job itself isn’t a bad job, the company is massive and the perks are great. However, they can only carry me so far. I am building on my Digital Marketing skills through a variety of courses (so I should get better on here) to get me where I need to go. I have already had several challenges though…

  • Time! Life is much easier in film or comics as my time is certainly finite. Between maintaining time with my girlfriend, friends and family as well as studying, gaming and working long hours it doesnt lend me much time to actually focus and plan. So the phone calendar is up to date and a routine will be in place!
  • Money! Root of all evil but a necessary evil it seems. As much as the work takes its toll it also funds my gaming habits… so need to break that cycle. As great as vagrancy sounds the internet speeds are terrible.
  • Motivation! I have been planning this blog for weeks. I simply need to get distracted less and focus on what I want to do!

I am well aware that these aren’t bad problems to have by all means. I have a job, I’m busy and I have a comfortable lifestyle so I knoe this could come across as selfish, arrogant and spoilt. Hopefully, if you stick with me you’ll find this isn’t the case and instead I’m but a twenteen on a quest to find a new lifestyle.

    So here we are. Well done to anyone who read this far, thanks to anyone who scanned down and good effort to anyone who even opened this.

    I’m hoping that there will be reviews coming your way, thoughts and entertainment if I can become more entertaining!

    Now, back to work…

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