SDCC- Justice League Trailer thoughts and reactions!

I will never claim to know DC as well as I do Marvel, so apologies if this is a lot looser than my Thor post. I am working on building my DC knowledge so hopefully it’ll come in time!

Justice League:

So it’s here. The DC film everyone has been waiting for, and the film that everyone, DC included, isn’t shit. Needless to say DC hasn’t been as well received as Marvel since the Dark Knight trilogy so their answer to the Avengers carries with it high stakes.

I will say I enjoyed the trailer although I have my concerns. It’s very Snyder-y. Now I know he has left the project but you can feel him through-out the trailer. Lots of slow-mo, lots of dark contrasting settings and a gritty, brooding tone through-out. Maybe DC needs this, but it should be used properly, not in an attempt to remake 300.

Before I get into the positives, the CGI however distracted me. Not all of it, but if you check out Cyborg he looks pretty bad in my opinion at 2.25. He seems too robotic and flat and seems to show no emotion. Plus his face is too smooth. I know that he is meant to be a cyborg, but in the comics, in the shows, in lore he is man and machine. He acts like a human with the enhancements of a robot. The robotics don’t make him a machine, but from the little he is in the trailer he comes across as just that; a machine.

In contrast, the Flash is looking great. Maybe the Cyborg looks bad because all the CGI went to the Flash but I am fine with that. He is the comic foil that DC has desperately needed, and his remarks around the trademark disappearing heroes was great. His inexperience, and his concern about rushing into battle as well is refreshing as it compliments the veteran, and often old, heroes that are currently in play. I have always enjoyed the Flash and I don’t think this version of the character will put me off either.

As for the others, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, it was what I expected from them. Solid shots of them in action, their gear and their personalities. We’ve come to know a bit about Batman from BVS and Wonder Woman was fleshed out nicely in her solo film this year and they seem to fit their characters very well in the trailer. Aquaman seems a lot less brooding and a lot more ‘ladish’ that seen in the first trailers etc however. I am not worried about that however, as I am sure Batman will brood enough in the film to make up for it. Also, pretty sure Alfred is alluding to the return of Superman at the end which doesn’t surprise me, but if so, I imagine he will also be brooding.

Overall, the action looks good but expected. I am a little concerned about the slow mo in it as that extends the film somewhat and in my eyes can be used to try and hide what is otherwise a thin movie. There will be lots of enemies to kill indiscriminately, plenty of buildings to destroy and enough explosions to make Michael Bay wince.  That said, the story is shaping up to be entertaining at least. Steppenwolf looks menacing, although a little bit generic. Its good that his what I assume is arrival ties in with Wonder Woman however. There is a sense that these films are beginning to tie together. With any luck, this will be the film be the film that really kicks off the DCCU off the back of Wonder Woman.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? Feel free to challenge, discuss and point out anything I may have missed in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “SDCC- Justice League Trailer thoughts and reactions!

  1. Excellent post! First of all, thank you for including the trailer as I have not gotten around to watching it yet! TO me it looks amazing! I’m not the biggest fan (or super fan I should say) and I do prefer Marvel characters, but the movie just looks fantastic. Yes, I’m probably bias because the Wonder Woman movie was amazinggg and because Jason Momoa as Aquaman is fantastic (for us fan girls lol). I completely agree that the Flash plays an essential role in this movie. He loosens up the Darker DC Characters that are always just so… Serious. I think he plays a great counter part to Spidermans role in Marvel.

    I do agree that Cyborg looked a little too mechanic from the shots that we have been privy too, but who knows how that is going to actually play out in the movie. Upon reading your thoughts about Cyborg, I do recall the few scenes with him in it bearing the same facial expression… more like a voided expression. I’m super excited for the film!

    -Luna 🙂

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    1. Thanks!
      Wonder Woman was a welcome boost to the DC Cinematic Universe and in all honesty it was refreshing to see a female hero stand out. Marvel in that respect are behind as although they have Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, no female lead really will get the focus like Wonder Woman did until Captain Marvel. I can’t vouch for the Jason Momoa but I am happy that he fit into the role… for whatever reason that may be ha!
      And I agree about the Spiderman/Flash comparison. Marvel has always had a bit more fun around it so its good to see DC embracing that.

      Yeah, he may be sorted out in the final editing, however I just feel like the Cyborg is too machine but I am happy to be corrected when I see the film. Super excited too though!

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