SDCC- Thor Ragnarok Thoughts and Reactions!

Being a Brit with other commitments, San Diego Comic Con for me is waking up, browsing Youtube and watching trailer after trailer, panel after panel.. Maybe one day I shall get out there across the pond, but today was not that day.

So as I am looking at getting this Blog milarky on the road, here are my thoughts and spots on some of the trailers I have seen:

Lets start with Thor Ragnarok:

Oh boy!

I’ll admit, I’ve never been a fan of Thor until recently. His comics never really compelled me until Jane Foster took over the mantle (long story) and his films have never hit the spot for me. I’ve enjoyed the premise; the ancient gods were alien races that guided humanity and that our myths are grounded in science, but Thor has always been a head above the other Avengers and difficult to relate to for me. Until now….

The Music

Music has always been important for trailers and I have seen some crap films/games be made epic in the trailer largely due to the music choice. Ragnarok’s first trailer used Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song, and now it opens with the epic 80s synth sound from Magic Sword’s In the Face of Evil ( This was what I needed to wake me up today that’s for sure! These song choices already tell me that Ragnarok is going a different route to that of its predecessors and for me, that’s a great thing! Even the colours and font style compliment the soundtrack and it leaves me wondering what the soundtrack will be like within the film….

The Characters

Thor talking to the Hulk, narrating the road to Skaar is also both witty and enlightening, giving us a lot of direction of timelines for the film but also a sense of Thor’s new character. Firstly, the loss of Mjlonir comes before the events of ‘Planet Hulk’ and by the looks of the rest of the trailer, the Hela conquest of Asgard is either the opening scenes of the film or something that happens through-out the film while Thor is off world. Although the loss of Mjolnir is still ‘quite fresh’ Thor still seems in good spirits and is either on, or just come out of his journey of self discovery. I am excited to see the direction they take for the character and I hoping a de-hammered Thor will be more a like the ‘Unworthy Thor’ we see currently in the comics. This could very well be an Iron Man 3 however where its a ‘does the suit make the man or the man make the suit?‘ storyline but, you know, with a hammer. Either-way I am looking forward to this fresh approach.

The trailer also shows us more Hulk and Thor interactions and I must say I have enjoyed what I have seen. Firstly, Bruce doesn’t seem to always remember what happens when he’s the Hulk (referring to him doubting that Thor beat him which the trailer doesn’t suggest happens either) but also that the Hulk can talk a lot more than he has done in previous films. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a location based trait or if this is part of his character evolution leading into future films. Plus the fact he’s throwing shade at Thor at the end of the trailers goes on to develop the rivalry between these two characters. With any luck, hopefully the use of the Hulk is similar to the use of Iron Man in Homecoming; more of a plot driver and support rather than a selling point. Spidey did this very well and I hope that Thor remembers that it is a Thor film first. It makes me super excited to watch this film and now that Spidey is out the way, Thor is my next Marvel benchmark!

And there is more Hela. I must admit, I am unsure of her at the moment. She seems too smiley for the Goddess of Death. Her outfit looks good though, very comicbook-y but they don’t give much more away. Thor obviously gave us the best Marvel villain to date, Loki, which draws me nicely into my next point; more Loki! Thor is a very forgiving person when it comes to his brother, so it’ll be interesting to see how Loki worms his way out of a beating this time as he is clearly fighting alongside Thor through-out. But if the last two films and the Avengers have taught us, we can’t take his actions at face value. So considering the end of Dark World, the lack of Odin in the destruction of Asgard and his general character arc, I would expect there to be some twists and turns as far as Loki is concerned.

As far as the other supporting characters, Valkyrie looks to be an interesting addition to Thor’s intergalactic Avengers that he is recruiting. She seems to be a capable warrior, and reminds me very much of Sif. I think I also got a glimpse of Korg from planet hulk firing off a big gun but other than that there was a notable absence of ┬áprevious Thor characters, such as Sif and Volstagg. Heimdall is shown in the battle, but I guess a lot of this will be explained in the opening scenes of the film. Doctor Strange is also not shown and considering his interaction with Thor at the end of his film, plus the reports saying he is in Ragnarok, it actually makes me think that this trailer isn’t giving as much away as it would seem.

Action and Story

The action set pieces look good, with a lot taking place either in Asgard or in the Grandmaster’s Arena. The battle of the Asgardians v Hela looks to be a huge clash which I am looking forward to, and something largely unseen in a Marvel film so far. Also a battle in the Bifrost? Interesting. At any rate, this won’t be short of some conflict, be it sword and spear wielding combat to space ships and plasma minigun shoot outs. Plus the Hulk looks to be doing a fair bit of ‘smashing’, even so far as hurling himself at Surtur. Side point on this, I wonder if Surtur is going to be the cause of Ragnarok. In the comics, this is caused by the World Eater Serpent and even in Norse mythology this is caused by the Dragon Nidhogg, but it could be that Surtur, the fire giant/demon will be the cause of the end times. It would also serve to pull Dr Strange into the fray who we know is in the film, but notably absent from the trailer. Second side note, Hulk fighting a big wolf, perhaps Fenrir… but that’s Loki’s wolf so that could cast some questions on his loyalty if that is Loki’s.

A final point, seeing Thor harnessing the lightning at the end without Mjolnir is very exciting. It has already been confirmed that this film will lead into how the Guardians find Thor in Avengers 3, so the fact he can harness lightning without Mjolnir also suggests his hammer may not make it into future films! It could easily be that it gets rebuilt/the time stone is used to recreate it, however if Thor has this power all along then it may make way for his other weapons, like Jarnbjorn which he is currently wielding in the comics!

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? Feel free to challenge, discuss and point out anything I may have missed in the comments below!

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