Road to the Championships!- Weakness Cup Training

Of all the games I put a lot of my time into, none gets my attention like Pokemon. I remember receiving Pokemon blue as a child and ever since then it’s always been a hobby of mine. In recent years, I have been playing the shit out of the games and looking at competing competitively… although currently to no real success!

So this part of the blog will follow my attempts, team ideas and plans to get to the championships! Now is the time I’d say considering they have just announced the 2018 Championships! (

The first test for me will be team building. So the upcoming Weakness Cup ( For those who don’t know, this means you can only use Pokemon with 5 or more weaknesses and you can only use type-effectiveness berries and the Weakness Policy. What a way to get competitive! I have trained a team ready for the weekend- I have broken them down below:

Greninja (Water/Dark) – Ability: Protean – Holding: nothing

Shadow Sneak



Rock Slide

The idea of this guy is speed and physical attacking. Protean give’s him the coverage of Ghost, Bug, Flying and Rock, which also takes away his 5 weaknesses he begins with. Grass is prevalent in this tournament so the bug and flying type attacks should cover this STAB and his high speed means Rock Slide can be used for flinch.

Decidueye (Grass/Ghost) – Ability: Overgrow- Holding: Weakness Policy


Spirit Shackle

Sucker Punch

Brave Bird

I’ve built this guy bulky to maximise the use of the Weakness Policy and given him Synthesis to give him some survivability. Sucker Punch is there to counter the Shadow Sneaks and other faster Pokemon as he’s not built to be quick. Brave Bird and Spirit Shackle are there for the Grass and Ghost types respectively.

Tyranitar (Rock/Dark) – Ability: Sand Stream – Holding: Roseli Berry

Ice Fang

Dragon Dance


Stealth Rock

General bulky physical attacker designed to set up with D Dance and break any switch ins with Stealth Rock. Designed as a general support Pokemon with the Sand Stream being used to support his Special Defence and a bit of residual damage.

Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost) – Ability: Lightning Rod – Holding: Shuca Berry


Sword Dance

Flare Blitz


More of a B lister really, and I am not expecting to use her too much. Nonetheless, shes got some bulk and the ability to burn any physical attackers and cut their use. I am not expecting much in the way of electric moves, I can use her to wall these threats. She can also set up on any grass Pokemon and start to walk through them with Flare Blitz and Earthquake

Mamoswine (Ground/Ice) – Ability: Snow Cloak – Holding: Chople Berry


Stealth Rock

Freeze Dry

Ice Shard

Bulky wall to counter most threats, with Ice Shard allowing priority against Grass types. Freeze Dry is there to take any water threats I’m against providing it can survive the initial attack. Stealth Rock appears again to give that extra damage and break any sturdy Pokemon.

Latias (Dragon/Psychic) – Ability: Levitate – Holding: Roseli Berry

Reflect Type

Draco Meteor



A bit of a gamble but it could pay off. Decent Speed, Special Defence and Special Attack should give her the edge on most Pokemon. Reflect Type will be used to minimise type effectiveness against it. The other three moves are designed to hit as much damage as quick as possible, with Draco Meteor being either a quick KO or last ditch attack.


Let me know what you think of my teams and feedback what you think will decimate my team!

I will post updates as to how I do, and I am working on getting some screen capture up for future tournaments!





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An all round gamer, aspiring Pokemon master and someone trying to chronicle my hobby!

2 thoughts on “Road to the Championships!- Weakness Cup Training

  1. Good luck! I had no idea that tournaments like this existed for Pokemon, but it sounds exciting! I’m not familiar with newer Pokemon so I can’t really comment on the build of your team, other than what you have described.



    1. Thanks! Yeah its all done on WiFi but I think they are trying to take a more interesting stance on the Pokemon battling scene, making people think about team builds more.
      That’s fair, it can be quite hard to follow with all the changes!

      Liked by 1 person

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