Change is a coming!

So apologies for the radio silence! A lot of things have cropped up that took (and is taking) my life on a variety of twists and turns…

The big one was work– my role has changed drastically which has meant I am required to travel now a lot more than I currently do, costing me a lot more than it should. Long story short, it is likely that as of the end of November I will be unemployed. The challenge now is what shade of broke I will be… the positive about this however is my ability to focus on where I want to go. This could be the kick up the arse that I need to step up my game on blogging (which has been terrible so far) and creating good, worthwhile content. I also feel confident that I could get a new job, but that job wouldn’t necessarily be in the area I would like. So I am treating that as a back up.

To support this ‘path of self betterment’, I have also started practising my drawing to create original content to support both my Youtube and WordPress. Photoshop as well will also play a big part- I want to make sure that I can get a fair way supporting myself and making what I have interesting…  See some of them here and a sneak peak of Charmander below:


Google Squared is also progressing well (again apologies for only updating one week!) and we have completed our first gradable project. We are awaiting feedback and scoring but it was eye opening to see the content created by some of the other members. This is partly why I have been inspired to learn and teach myself Photoshop- the images they created were amazing and clearly a key, desirable skill for a Digital Marketeer, so it will be another string to my bow to develop this area. In terms of the course itself, its great! Loving it although underestimated the time needed to commit to it! That said, as of December I may be free to focus entirely on it anyway!

As a note about this blog, the whole situation has (re)inspired me to get this blog off the ground. Over the next few weeks, hopefully we will see a new face to this blog along with a renewed purpose and message. I want to still focus on gaming and comics, along with interjections of what I am doing etc, but it will be and needs to be more focused and presented better.



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An all round gamer, aspiring Pokemon master and someone trying to chronicle my hobby!

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