Developing New Skills- Drawing and Graphics

As part of my work to create a self sufficient Youtube Channel and WordPress, I want to make sure that it looks and feels like something I would create. At the moment, the quality of that feel isn’t great nor where I want it to be. However, I will be posting a piece of work that I create each week on here and explaining my process behind it in a hopes to get the level of skill I need!

In terms of what I use, it came on the recommendation from my bestie, Max Rogers to use Krita and he actually lent me his tablet which triggered my desire to give thus a go. Shout out to him here:  The work he does is amazing and he’s been on a frankly inspiring path of self betterment too (his willpower far exceeds mine!)



Created from reference, I wanted to make a cute but relatively accurate copy of Charmander. I was impressed with how it came out, the colours and general feel of it looks great. However, it looks like he has glandular fever with a swollen cheek. He needs to be smoother on the lines and more accurate in the strokes and outlines.

I will revisit Charmander at some point as I would very much like to have a picture of all the starter pokemon with their silhouette final forms behind them, Charmander being one of them.



Firstly, its a very plain picture with no background, however I was very happy with this drawing from reference. It looks like the original picture (so that’s a result) and was a lot smoother than the Charmander.

I need to work on the wings still and the finer, more intricate details however to make it look and feel a higher quality. Being one of my favourites, he deserves the best treatment!

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