Star Wars Trailer – the force is strong this morning…

This morning I felt a disturbance (cue fart jokes) however it wasn’t hurricane Eileen coming back for more, but the release of the long anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Before I say anymore, there is discussion around the trailer below so if you are steering away then feel free to read some other tripe I’ve written! Also please bear in mind I am not a Jedi not a die hard Star Wars fan although I do try to understand the lore so if there are gaps or incorrect assumptions please correct me in the polite, internet manner…


Firstly, the internet is falling in love with the Porgs and rightly so! Trying to copy Chewie’s roar was just what I wanted to start the morning… Although I’m sure the Ewok nay-sayers will have something to say. 

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But let’s start with the Jedi…

There is plenty of Luke and Rey here, with a training montage in a trailer which suggests we have at good portion of Rey training under Luke in the film. What is most interesting though is that Luke is clearly scared of her powers (he even says so) as he’s only seen that power once before. I’m pretty sure that’s a nod towards Ben Solo/Kylo Ren as the visual at the time is of Kylo and scenes from Luke’s Jedi massacre that we are yet to see properly in a film. He clearly sees a lot of him in Rey and is dubious about her potential for the Light side and disheartened by his past failings. It is suggested in the film that he will eventually turn Rey away causing her to seek Kylo out instead to understand where she’s meant to be! Dun dun dah! Are we looking at Rey turning to the dark side? Is she undercover? Does this confirm that they are in fact related and that Half-life 3 is released next year? No-one and this scene taken out of context creates more speculation than answering questions. That said, we know that the confrontation between these two won’t be entirely violent…

Another character we see more of is Snoke. Not a lot has been revealed about him, however toys and posters have started to flesh him out. Here we see him as a man (?) So clearly he is doing some Wizard of Oz shenanigans in EP 7 with the hologram. We do see Snoke and Rey and they don’t seem to be getting on so we can also assume the encounter between these two isn’t a friendly chat. This also ties in with what we were saying with about Kylo; if he is there the conflict is clearly evident. Of course Snoke may just be trying to break her. Other than that, Snoke is singing Kylo’s praises as well, as much as an evil overlord would, so we will probably see an extension of his training in the film too.

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We don’t see much of Finn here but when we do he’s going toe to toe with Brienne/Phasma here so he’s clearly got a bit better with him armed combat since getting sliced up at the end of 7. Hopefully if he’s watched Game of Thrones he will take some hints from Arya…

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A lot of discussion online is about the idea the trailer is creating a lot of misdirection which, in this day and age, is quite smart to do with the trailers. A lot of my friends avoid trailers so the story isn’t ruined (and here I am on the train breaking one down) however it would be the next level for these marketing teams to make the audience expect one thing to completely overhaul what people believe when it comes to the main event. Take the scenes we are expecting to see with Kylo about to add Matricide to his resume just below Patricide; it is set so that he is about to blow Leia up however it could also easily be clever editing to make it appear that way. For all we know, he could be target locking a Porg, god knows I’d hesitate. I’m not saying not to take anything from this, however it’s equally likely that this is a ploy to sell the film and maintain the hype train, all the while maintaining surprise and shock in the film.

I have watched the trailer about 5 times this morning and I will do again when I get the chance however I am conscious that I have maybe missed a bit (apologies Poe). It has certainly started the hype train for me, although I am on holiday on release day so that is something my soul needs to struggle with…

What did you think of the trailer? Are we seeing a fall from grace story for Rey? Is Kylo releasing his David Bowie tribute CD at the same time? Will we all be buying into the inevitable Porg toys Disney release? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Trailer – the force is strong this morning…

  1. Interestng and enjoyable read Silvernax.
    Personally I think there is alot of misdirection in the trailer. I don’t believe that Kylo has the same power level as Rey, she is on a different level to him. Rey appears to have a natural ability and connection to the force. I think Luke is referring to the emporor, maybe even his father or possibly snoke, as we don’t know if Luke has ever met or faced off against snoke in anyway.
    I also feel that snoke is just using Kylo as a pawn but he’s really after Rey due to her raw power. It’s also worth mentioning that the films mirror the previous trilogy in some element, so it will be interesting to see if this continues. Who knows maybe Rey is actually related to Snoke.


    1. See I think Luke is relating to Kylo as it was Kylo and his knights of Ren that wrecked his temple and killed everyone. So he probably holds a deep regret for letting that power go unchecked, and in some ways probably fostered the power instead of limiting it.
      I would agree though that Snoke may be using Kylo as a pawn. I did think that there was a possibility that Rey was related to Snoke or maybe, in the same vein, even the Emperor.


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