Avengers Infinity War – (Delayed) Reactions

Hi all, I’m back.

Granted this has been a while and very, very delayed, however I am finally going to try and get back to blogging again although I will cover this in another Blog. For now, in my absence, something magical, something glorious, something 10 years in the making has happened and I am gutted I missed it. So you didn’t ask for it, and it has already been covered but here it is anyway- Avengers Infinity War! My thoughts/theories etc…

So last year, Nov 29th 2017 the first trailer dropped and I was super excited. I have linked it below and I can tell you I get goosebumps now even watching this one. Have a look:

Now I am not going to do a breakdown/run-through/narration of this but HOLY SHIT. Lets take a quick catch up:

  • Sad Stark
  • Fleshy Vision
  • Blonde Widow
  • Spidey-Senses (!)
  • Cap with a beard and having a shield got for him
  • Thanos with some gems!
  • Hella Battle for Wakandans.
  • Thor with Guardians!

Now, at the point of writing this we are 22 days away from release so a lot of this has been discussed and know but I remember back in November when I saw this I was super super excited. So rather than discussing the above (but I reiterate- HOLY SHIT) lets see what treat Marvel dropped for us on 16th March:

I mean there are those goosebumps again. A much more story driven trailer rather than showcasing some of the set pieces, this trailer showed us some great, great moments:

  • Breaking Bad-esque ‘Say my name’ – THANOS
  • Rocketman  Iron Man
  • Wakanda in all its glory
  • Guardians + Iron Man + Iron Man being put in his place in front of his boy Spidey
  • Finger clicking good and half of humanity dies
  • Huge battle + shield from Star Wars Episode I
  • Cap’s new shield gauntlets
  • A Strange Acupuncture (I cringe with you)
  • Hulkbuster
  • Steve shaking Thanos’ hand
  • Spidey being dumb/great

Now if I had had time/motivation I would have broken these trailers down in all their glory but there is so much in these trailers and also so little. We have had a lot of holes filled in by leaks and announcements since then however I still feel we are nowhere near spoiled by this film. Instead, let me pick out some key talking points I am keen to look at.

What isn’t in the trailer

So remember Star Wars Episode 8? Where everyone thought the film was ruined by the trailers? Wrong.

Remember how we would know Thor would lose an eye in Ragnarok because we saw him with the patch in the leaked Disney Expo trailer? No? It was because it wasn’t added in yet.

These guys are smart and they know what they are doing. I have full faith in Marvel and Disney that they will not put something in this trailer if it is story breaking. They go for shock points and awe but not spoiler shock. This is their biggest film ever (its Marvel’s Star Wars and on track to be bigger) so they won’t show their hand now. That’s why what’s not in the trailer is so intriguing. Where is Hawkeye? Where is the Soul Stone? There are key points still to be addressed that clearly impact the film and I don’t feel like the film has been ruined because of the trailers.

Also, going back to the leaked Disney Expo footage, we saw no eye patch meaning it hasn’t been edited in yet. Who says we now haven’t seen fake footage or footage that has more in it already? The shots of the gauntlet with two infinity stones may well be 4? Spidey in the Iron Spider suit may actually have the arms (we know they are coming). These marketing teams are smart and won’t give it away and, for me, these questions serve to build the hype for me not dampen it.

Who kicks it in the film?

Happy to start a ‘Dead Pool’ for this to see what the feeling is. My gut is that Cap gets it and is around in Avengers 4 due to time travel then kicks it a second time…

He does in the comics several times, with two of his replacements by his side in Wakanda currently. Chris Evans has also come out and said its likely Avengers 4 will be his last outing. He doesn’t seem like the kind to retire, he hasn’t got a significant love interest and he isn’t the kind of person to shrink away and let this play out around him in future Marvel films without interfering. He could become a cameo figure to replace Stan Lee, but I don’t think that suits his character. That role will be filled by Iron Man who has the means, wealth and desire to swoop in as he actually ages and isn’t ‘super’.

I also think that although we know the likes of Spidey and Black Panther are safe because of their confirmed future films, it doesn’t mean they won’t kick it in this film. It could also be that if, as speculated, time travel is key in 4, that the likes of Cap survive and go back in time in this film, while the rest of the Avengers actually die in this one. Then the results of 4 result in the magical, scientific world of alternate worlds and timelines to rewrite the future/bring in alternate versions of some characters but to do so the likes of Cap have to pay the ultimate price.

Lets talk Wakanda…

We can all agree Black Panther was great right? The profits it has made and the records it has smashed seem to suggest so. So you can’t blame Marvel for leaning into Wakanda in this film so heavily (I wonder if they knew just how well it would do?)

For me this is quite important from a narrative point of view. Shield is no more, Tony Stark appears to be the world’s authority on protecting it and the Avengers are broken. Over a year ago when I first attempted to Blog, I discussed the role of Shield (ta da) and how as the MCU grew it used Shield to draw all the characters together and became the glue that connected them. Then in Cap 2, this was undone, but the Avengers were then seen to be the authority that connected these characters together. And then Tony Stark screwed that up in Cap 3 (poor Cap gets shat on by everyone really). So who now has the wealth and political clout to help unite the world? Wakanda.

The end of Black Panther was significant as it showed them stepping from the shadows to play their part. They aren’t doing this as a super spy agency but a country with foreign interests. And for the purposes of this film, they have the scientific advancement and the wealth to help and arguably defenceless planet stand up to the likes of Thanos. If the Soul Stone is in Wakanda or not, I think the story would always have ended in Wakanda. The other reason I think so is also the reason I think the Vision will lose his gem and why Thor lost his hammer. They need to be scaled back. You start playing on this scale and start adding in the likes of Captain Marvel and possibly Adam Warlock, the team becomes difficult to relate to. They are no longer flawed. I honestly think Wakanda will be set back by this to make sure it is no longer just the super high tech state but one that is human and needs protecting. The Vision will lose his gem but most likely retain some of his powers and his self consciousness but will still be weakened. Thor’s new axe, Stormbreaker, will be great but won’t fly around any longer. This way they become scaled down, allowing for Thanos and subsequent villains to be scaled up.

Future of the MCU

The Russo Brothers and Mr Feige have promised changed and I can honestly see it happening. As mentioned earlier, I think the MCU is going to get bigger in scale dealing with dimensions and time travel which will allow the acquisition of Fox to filter into the narrative.

Bring on the Fantastic Four (new comic in August means that the feud between Fox and Disney has subsided- 3rd time lucky!), the third timeline of X-men (rumour has it that Wolverine was seen in Seattle where Avengers 4 re-shoots are!) and in all honesty some fresh new characters.

I am seriously excited for Avengers 3, I have my midnight showing booked and I am ready. I am also looking forward to the end title which says ‘the Avengers will return in….’ and I will lose my shit when the new title comes up. Cause that’s what will happen right? They have also said that it’s not what we expect so I reckon:

  • Avengers 4: A Damage Control Story 
    • They basically follow the story of the team cleaning up after Thanos wipes out 50% of the galaxy.
    • FYI Thanos just leaves quietly
  • Avengers 4: One Avenger Born Every Minute
    • A comprehensive tour of time travel going back to each of the Avenger’s birth
    • Interviews with the parents
    • Spoilers: Tony’s adopted
  • Avengers 4: Avengers 5
    • They go forward in time to ignore the issues of Thanos in 2018 and instead just rock it with the New New Avengers

But in all honesty, I am hoping for a Kang- based story considering that would tie in with the screwing with Time Travel. If not, then get Doctor Doom in there maybe trying to grab power in the fall out. They have said that it is unexpected so as much as I would like to see a Secret War or Skrull invasion, I think we may be looking at a Galactus/Celestials or Builders War/Time Runs Out scenario….

Anyway, let me know what you think, keep in touch and I will try and keep writing again this time!

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