E3 Predictions 2019

It’s that time of year again. The time where I get up at silly o’clock to see what I am going to be rinsing my money on. The time where I hope for awkward and uncomfortable presentations with people who really don’t want to be on stage. That’s right ladies and gents it’s E3 time!

I am going to lay out what tasty treats and teases we will see, who I think will win and where I think it will be much the same as what’s come before. I won’t be covering EA as they have been and gone and frankly that would just be cheating. But on the note of EA, Star Wars looks great, more great Battlefield 5 coming our way and Apex looks like its going to keep fighting the Battle Royale fight. FIFA and Madden are on now but unless they agree to make Scotland a 5 star team it’s my time to catch up on writing (although FIFA street is back so that’s cool!). Sims is later so I hope for a superhero expansion! Anyway onto the predictions!


A huge change for this year is the absence of Sony. How this will play out for them this year is yet to be seen but as an advocate of what they have done in recent years I have faith that they are skipping for a reason. It feels like PS5 is coming in the coming months so most of thear focus no doubt will be on controlling the narrative on that. I do believe however this gap will have bigger impact on the likes of Microsoft as they will no doubt take advantage of the ‘power vacuum’ and should hit us with everything they have got.


As mentioned, these guys should hit the conference hard! They impressed me last year if I’m honest as they showed a fair bit of self awareness by taking a step back and focusing on the companies they pulled into their fold and speaking of further looking plans. I am expecting this to continue to be honest and I think they will go hard from the beginning. I am fairly certain we will see the below:

Halo Infinite– it was announced last year and has had rumblings ever since. Given Halo’s importance as one of the few (known) exclusives for the Xbox, they will almost certainly show this… although I think this will be the closing piece

A new Fable- there have been rumours recently of this and I sooooo want this to be true. Currently my Xbone is sat on my desk not even plugged into a monitor, before that it was a Blu Ray player. Fable would be the game to breath life back into the old boy and wake him from his slumber.

Gears 5 – basically a certainty as they have confirmed it, it will be great to see what it has to offer. On the 360, Gears was always part of my staple collection but recently it has lost its way… maybe we will find it come back on track?

– Besides these 3, I am expecting some quick fire reels of indie games coming from the myriad of studios they got last year plus I think we will see some surprise AAA games announced too.

The biggest criticism that I have (and is shared with a lot of people) is that Xbox has very few exclusives that make it a viable competitor to Playstation. Compare that to Sony smashing it out the park with God of War and Spider-Man alone last year, Microsoft will have to, at the very least, match that level of offering given that this year they are presumably up against the Last of Us Two and Death Stranding. If anything, they need to come with something new and fresh. No, not you Kinect 3.0, I am talking something so left field it changes the gaming industry. And I will say it does feel like change is a-coming.

Finally, they will likely address the cloud gaming partnership that has been announced between Sony and Microsoft. Given the Stadia announcement on Thursday, it would be a great counter-attack to a product which is, at the moment, more of a tech demo rather than offering an alternative. Don’t get me wrong, the tech is awesome if it works but it needs to be tried and tested. It offers Microsoft to throw their experienced hat in the ring.


I LOVE Nintendo. Not because of Pokemon or just its attitude to games but because of the way they see the industry. The Switch is a perfect companion console to a PS4 or Xbone- if you need to game on the go its great. The games announced for this year are amazing- I am looking at you Sword and Shield and Fire Emblem to mention a few. But, and there is a but. I want to see them offer something new again. And I will explain why.

The Labo was fine. It was great fun and a really innovative way to game. Nintendo have always tried to change the way people game, both together and on their own, while also keeping it very accessible. The Switch has dominated over the past few years but they need to keep that momentum up. Ports of other games are great as it helps bring people over to the console but soon they will need more. The Switch is novel in the way its so flexible and adaptable but they need to make sure that they keep and press that advantage. The Labo in my opinion wasn’t enough to do that.

In terms of what we will see:
– More Pokemon despite having a direct last Weds
– More Super Smash because Super Smash
– A new Mario Game of some kind. Odyssey was such a success that they will keep pushing the little Italian Plumber in new and crazy directions.
– Probably Luigi Mansion 3?

I honestly don’t know what else to think. I know I will love it as they are always incredible to watch. I just hope they can keep putting on a good show!


Asides from the ‘Console Wars’ that always rage at this time of year there will also be some crucial games coming which are arguably more important the what the consoles are doing if you are only concerned with the next 12 months. Here we go:

  • Unlikely to see The Last of Us Two and other exclusives only because Sony aren’t there. Instead I imagine we will see these on a State of Play at some point towards the end of June.
  • We know that Cyberpunk will be there which is awesome. Will we get a release date? I hope so.
  • A big favourite of mine where the rumour mill is coming thick and fast is the Square Enix Avengers Game. Please Please Please Please give us and show us more!
  • We will see lots of sports games I am sure, from racing and dancing to probably something a bit different. Steep offered something different a few years back so maybe there is some more extreme sports coming. I also know that there is a cool for Skate 4…

I guess only time will tell. Follow me on Twitter for more real time updates!

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