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Checkpoint’s Checkpoint…


I wanted to firstly say a huge thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog that I put out every week or so! We got over 30 followers now so I hope to keep growing and keep writing interesting blogs and articles that keep you coming back and hopefully keep growing our little community! I write these things for fun as I enjoy getting my thoughts, in particular about games and films etc, written down in a hopes to create some cool little discussions between people so it’s great to see people reading what I write! The Gaming as a Parent blog did really well and I am glad it was of interest to parents and non-parents alike and it shows that there is an appetite for this point of view so expect more of this insight in the future…

The Future…

And talking of the future, a little update on where Checkpoint is heading and the plans that I have been working on in the background. The blog posts over the coming weeks may be more sporadic and may end up dropping over a weekend as I start my new job on Friday (5th March) so I will be shifting my focus to nailing that role and getting my feet under the table for the time being. While I do that, I will also be able to see how my free time looks so I know when to be able to sit down and write some posts! Never fear, I am hoping to get the final Wandavision wrap up out by Saturday at the latest and when the Falcon and Winter Solider drops I will likely get a routine in to cover that. Given it is 25 years of Pokémon and they are hitting us with big news, I also want to finish up the Pokémon Journey Series ( Part 1 & Part 2 here) with Part 3 in the coming weeks as well as more on my Open Concept Design for a Pokémon Game that is still very much in my head. With the recent news as well as some writers block, a lot of these points have changed or become irrelevant with the announcement of Pokémon Legends Arceus so these are taking a bit of time to formulate.

Something I have been keen to do also is to link up this blog with my Twitch (you can find the link here) a bit more and start streaming again, so in the background I have been trying to pull together a content plan that ties Checkpoint up with Silver_Nax. This will take some time and some financial investment on my end so I need to first get the job settled and the routine in place. Ideally, I would like to have these two working in tandem, with me streaming once or twice a week so you can see my ugly mug and then hopefully discuss topics on stream that tie into the blog of the week. This way I can meet you guys and respond to questions and queries you have while I also play games – a bit of a time saver really! So watch this space for that – I have plans but I need some other dominos to fall into place first!

For those of you who use it as well, I am working on setting up a discord server that will tie in with both the streaming and the blogging which will allow you guys to share news, talk to each other and share stuff with me like suggestions for future posts, how to improve my content etc. This is a pipe dream as I don’t think I’ll have a huge discord channel however I would rather have this there if needed! Again, I shall share these details once the channel has been set up, the roles and bots have been finalised etc!

So once again, a huge thank you to your support so far! Remember, I don’t do this for money; I do this to develop a new skill, to have fun and to hopefully build a little community so I would love to hear from you guys more on how I am doing, what I could do to improve etc. Your support is my gauge to success for each post so it helps me understand what you guys enjoy etc and hopefully we can grow this little channel together!

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    1. Thank you! I strive for fabulous every day hah!


      1. My Pleasure 😀😊✔
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      2. Amazing thanks! Just given you a follow and will check you out!


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