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Checkpoint – All Things Video Games, Films & life

Introducing The Checkpoint Blog

Welcome to the blog where I will talk about whatever is in my mind that week; it could be video games, it could be Marvel films and it could be SEO hints and tricks. I want this blog to be a way for me to get my thoughts down in writing to create discussions, articulate my own thoughts or simply to keep myself focused.

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About The Blog

This site has gone through a lot of iterations since 2017 with a growing idea that has evolved with me however I have never managed to make it stick. With this new iteration in the closing days of 2022, I want to take it back to basics and keep it simple; blogs.

I’ve always wanted to engage the various communities I am a part of in a way that fosters discussion and creates, potentially, different viewpoints on the many games and films we have all been consuming in the past decades. The aim of Checkpoint is to get these discussions and thoughts down in a hope that people will engage with them in a way that is helpful to them.

Another angle that I will be adding into this blog will be the inclusion of SEO advice, getting started tips and just some of the lessons I have learned along the way. Checkpoint will as much be a ‘playground’ for me in terms of testing my SEO skills as it will be a project that gets me writing and keeps me creative.

About Me

Who am I? Well I am Ryan and I am certainly not writing or supporting this blog as a job. I do however, do SEO for a job so I aim to SEO the hell out of this in the coming years and if I don’t then its a poor reflection on my ability.

I love video games which is why that will likely form the backbone of what the content will include with an equal helping of Superhero film discussion, personal aims and reflection and maybe a little teaching along the way. You will find I talk about Pokémon a lot and Spider-Man is my go to hero if you ever needed to know.

Pretty agnostic when it comes to platforms however most of my time will be split between the PlayStation and my Switch. Destiny 2 is a time vampire, as is [insert any Pokémon game] and I am at that age where I desperately try to reduce my backlog but it only seems to get bigger and bigger.

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