Why I Game…

Starting at a new work, a lot of questions come up… “where do you live?”, “what music do you like?”, “what do you do for fun?” and so on. Inevitably, my love of gaming doesn’t take long to crop up, especially when I work for a company that now manages licensed products for video games. […]

Avengers Infinity War – (Delayed) Reactions

Hi all, I’m back. Granted this has been a while and very, very delayed, however I am finally going to try and get back to blogging again although I will cover this in another Blog. For now, in my absence, something magical, something glorious, something 10 years in the making has happened and I am […]

Change is a coming!

So apologies for the radio silence! A lot of things have cropped up that took (and is taking) my life on a variety of twists and turns… The big one was work– my role has changed drastically which has meant I am required to travel now a lot more than I currently do, costing me […]