I feel I should start this with a disclaimer… I am not a professional critic and these views are mine and mine only…

Credit: Max Rogers

Full disclosure, I like to think that I am an open-minded gamer and will try lots of different types of games but as I grow up and the ever growing behemoth of adult responsibility looms, I find myself looking more and more at the reviews that come in so I know where I should be focusing my time. I would love to have the time to play most games but as it stands I have to find the balance between new and old, long and short, free and paid… The backlog of games I have grows by the month and now I throw Gamepass into the mix and frankly something is going to have to give (looking at you sleep).

Riddle me this: ‘The more you bring out, the bigger mine gets… the answer: my backlog’

Myself, 2020

I am going to have a criteria as to how I rate these games and these choices are incredibly personal to me. That may not be useful to you but I will explain why as I review them. The list of questions I will ask myself as I go through will be the questions you see below and in all honesty these are often the steps I go through with a game before I buy them anyway.

  1. How fun is it?
  2. Does it keep me engaged?
  3. Can I see why other people will like it?
  4. Did I have any technical issues with it?
  5. Buy/rent/miss?

Feel free to comment on these thoughts and post your own thoughts and insights. Some of these will be new games, some will be backlog reviews so there will certainly be a mix in there.